Bike Ethics’ story began in California in 2020. News filled with catastrophes, such as hurricanes, typhoons, flash floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires, gave an idea and motivation to do something. According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reductions, there has been a rise in climate-related disasters during the past 20 years. We have to do something, and the time is now. Thus, Bike Ethics was born.

The current manufacturing is not that green as you believe it is. Most of the bicycle brands are not doing enough to challenge the 3rd party manufacturing to produce more sustainable bikes and components. We strongly believe that we need to utilize the full power of recycling to build more sustainable parts. Also, packaging nowadays is wasteful, not just in the biking industry, but I am sure you are familiar with this already.

In addition to the above, we want other companies to challenge their values and actions. Are they doing enough for the environment? Or are they maximizing the profits only to achieve more and more market share for our precious planet's cost? Even the smaller companies can make a difference. Their purchasing power and turnover may not be enough to make a difference alone effectively, but their voice will spread the word. The more cycling-related companies challenge the current manufacturing status-quo and start demanding more sustainable production, the higher the impact. 

You can see us promoting sustainable cycling brands. We need more companies to join the zero-waste movement. Let's use our voice for our Planet's sake. 

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