This is our first post of the Sustainable Cycling Wear series. Once a month, we will review a company that focuses on sustainable wear.

Let us introduce to you Universal Colours. This is a relatively new brand, established in 2018 in London, England. They were born based on creating a brand that acknowledges the cyclist’s values and personality. Quality, durability, and responsibility describe this brand the best. Indeed, the Universal Colours deserves our praise and promotion. We need more companies like that.

They are committed to change how cycling apparel is manufactured. Universal Colours only work with factories that are audited for social and environmental good practice. Most of the garments are produced in Lithuania, but they work with some factories in China and Taiwan.

“To keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, we try to select fabrics that are manufactured within the same region as the factories.”

That is an excellent standard and straight-on-point what Bike Ethics thinks about manufacturing as well. Also, they are not always using completely recycled raw materials. As cyclists, they understand that their customers are looking for durable wear that will last for years to come. They believe that all recycled fabrics are not as high-performing and long-lasting as customers need them to be. That’s why ensuring that their products are durable is as essential to the broader sustainability issue as the production itself.

Besides of above, they are members of 1% for the planet. They donate 1% of their annual sales to nonprofits. This is their way of showing dedication and respect to the earth they ride on.

If you like their values, feel free to check them out HERE. #bikeethically


Note: This is post is not sponsored by Universal Colours.

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