I wanted to write about a review of the Izumi Jet Black Track Chain. Most of the time, you can see tons of reviews and posts about SRAM and KMC. But not that much about Izumi. To be honest, I am a new convert, and this is my first Izumi chain. I have been biking since the mid-80s but never used their chains before. I wanted to write an article because I am impressed with the quality, feel, and durability. 

Chain features and specs:

  • Chain Compatibility: 1/2" x 1/8" Single-Speed Drivetrains
  • Number of Links: 116
  • Izumi Master Link Included 
  • Number of Speeds: Single Speed
  • Weight: 415g (uncut weight/116L)

Izumi has been manufacturing bike chains for over 100 years, and they have gained a solid reputation with consumers. Also, the Japanese Keirin Association (NJS) is using its chains on their professional keirin races. They approve absolutely the best Japanese quality only.

Izumi uses 100 percent pure Japanese steel, and all their chains are made in Japan. Because of that, they can control every part of the chain-making process. When you cut down the supply chain and control everything by yourself, you can produce superior quality. As a fixed gear bike rider, I value the strength of the chain the most. This is especially essential if you are riding your track bike brakeless in the streets. You would not want that chain to break while skidding. If you're going to ride brakeless and compromise your safety, at least don't compromise your chain. It may save your life. 

Izumi Jet Black chain comes well lubed, and it rolls smoothly. There is a faint sound, but you can reduce that with chain lube. And the slight sound does not matter, as long as you can trust the chain that it will hold even during the hardest skidding.

The price point is somewhere between $18-40 depends on where you are buying it from. I am not sure why the price point varies that much. It is essential to control the brand pricing across the sales channels as you don't want to dilute your brand. Do your research and save a buck or two. Nevertheless, I would say that Izumi chains are definitely worth the price. It will be my choice of chain in the future as long as I ride my single speed. Good quality equals longevity and safety. #BikeEthically


Note: This is post is not sponsored by Izumi Chain.


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