We get many questions about the most essential tools for bike maintenance, especially for fixed gear bikes. You can save a good amount of money if you can fix your bike yourself.

Below list of tools is approved and recommended by the Bike Ethics team:

- Allen Key Set

  • I use both SAE/Imperial and Metric Allen Keys. I am primarily using Metric keys, but you never know when the SAE fits better.  
  • Tekton Ball End HEX Key Wrench Set, 9pcs.

- 15mm Wrench

  • This is the essential tool to tighten your wheel axle bolts. I use this every week to make sure the bolts are tight.

- Chain Tool

  • To install and uninstall your chains.
  • Park Tool C-15 Mini Bicycle Chain Tool. 

- Sprocket Remover/Chain Whip

  • To install and uninstall cogs. I like to change my gear ratio regularly.
  • I Park Tool SR 18.2.

- Lockring Wrench

  • You need this if you want to change your cog.
  • Park Tool HCW-17 Fixed-Gear Bicycle Lockring Wrench.

- Side Cutter Pliers

  • Useful to cut your brake wires.
  • Park Tool Side Cutter Pliers - SP-7.

- Crank Puller

  • Tool to take off your crankset. I like to re-grease the noisy crankset once in a while.
  • Park Tool CCP-22 Bicycle Crank Puller.

- Bottom Bracket Tool

  • Park Tool BBT-22.

- Bicycle Tire Pump

  • JoeBlow MaxHP.

- Chainring:Gear Ratio Calculator Phone Application

  • This app helps you quickly calculate all necessary characteristics of your fixed-gear or single-speed bikes like a ratio, a number of skid patches, development, gear inches, and a recommended number of chain links. 
  • This is a free app. 

Please note that I do not true my wheels. I do not have expensive trueing equipment, and I prefer to let the local bike shop handle that part for me. I doubt that I could do as good a job as the professionals can.  

Did I miss any essential tools? Feel free to comment below.


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